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Smart Home

The SALUS FC600 allows you to reduce energy consumption whilst providing efficient temperature and thermal comfort in places where it is required.
The sleek and in-obtrusive design makes the TS600 an ideal solution for locations which demand discrete controls while still ensuring optimum heating comfort.
The KL08RF has 8 control zones, each with connections for up to 3 heating zones (actuators).
If 8 zones are insufficient, the KL04RF can be used to extend the KL08RF to control up to 12 zones. Requires its own 230V power supply.
The SALUS Smart Home RE600 repeater is a simple device that connects wirelessly with the Universal Gateway to integrate as part of the Smart Home system.
It gives Smartphone control of the device plugged into the smart plug via the SALUS iT600 Smart Home app. This product must be used with the SALUS Smart Home gateway.
It allows mounting SR600, RS600 or RE600 products on a wall or ceiling. The handle also works as a housing.
Boiler receivers, relays & smart TRV
The TRV10RFM is a battery-powered, mini-size thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) controller using ZigBee wireless communication.
The Roller Shutter RS600 gives you the possibility to control via the application devices such as: Window Shutter, Motor Curtains, Lights.
The SALUS System receiver can be used as part of the SALUS iT600 Smart Home system as an external boiler switch. The receiver can be used with the TRV10RFM.
Sensors & smart buttons
The SD600 is a smart photoelectric smoke sensor, with ultra-low-power Zigbee wireless network technology.
MS600 is a motion detector. The sensor requires the UGE600 internet gateway and SALUS Smart Home application.
The SALUS water leak sensor can detect water leaks within your system and report this information via our smart app remotely.
The SALUS pipe sensor PS600 can be used in many ways. Together with the supplied clamps, the temperature of the pipe can easily be measured, which can then be read via the App.
The new window sensor is a small, slim, wireless piece of equipment that detects when a window is open or closed and reports this to the SALUS iT600 Smart Home App.
The Protective Smart Button can be used during a panic situation in order to trigger the “One touch” and “My Status” rules that you have created for your SALUS Smart Home system.
The Smart Button is used to trigger the “One touch” and “My Status” rules that you have created for your SALUS Smart Home system.
The UFHBS Button Sensor represents a perfect blend of style and functionality. This inconspicuous white sensor ensures temperature measurement without compromising aesthetics.