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Transforming SALUS: Innovations, Quality, and Energy Efficiency

We’ve spent a few of minutes with Dean Jepson, European Managing Director at SALUS controls, to find out about the company’s current activities and plans for the future.


Mr. Jepson, how’s SALUS doing?

If I may, I’ll rephrase that, and will answer “What is SALUS doing?”, instead.

SALUS is always doing exciting things! We are well advanced in the positive transformation of our brand, which involves product mix, testing capabilities, product features, technology and brand-new look and feel. And, most importantly, all these changes that we are implementing is for our customers, including installers, homeowners and distribution partners.

What are your key focus areas for SALUS?

There are many positive changes we have made recently, here is a few examples.

Firstly, we have invested massively in our testing capabilities, to ensure a high level of quality for all SALUS products that are being launched into the market: In early 2022, we proudly opened our new Center of Excellence in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), a 2-million-euro lab facility, dedicated exclusively to testing, monitoring, evaluating and enhancing the quality of our products.

Secondly, we have revisited our customer support platforms:

  1. We have launched a dedicated technical support webpage, with useful information and constantly growing quality content.
  2. We have redeveloped our commercial webpage, to facilitate user access to any information they might be looking for, in an easy to navigate website.
  3. We have increased our customer support team, and we have made a massive investment in AI-based customer support, with the launch of Sallybot, our virtual assistant, which is already available in beta sage on the customer support platform.
  4. We are now focusing on producing and releasing multi-format, informative content, accessible on a multitude of digital platforms, webpages, and social media, helping people install and use our products with confidence.


Last, but not least, we have invested massively in innovation. Our innovative and state of the art SALUS Smart Home system is the most multifunctional, energy saving system for home heating and home automation in the market, something we are very proud of for all the right reasons, with new and exciting product lines being added to the extensive portfolio of Smart Home, it really is something special and it will revolutionize the industry and the way people use and save energy.

Keep an eye on the industry exhibition events, we will be showcasing our products at ISH in Frankfurt and Installer Show in Birmingham in 2023, so come along and see these innovative products for yourself and meet the SALUS team.

Why all these recent changes?

Innovation and evolution are in our DNA: we are part of Computime, an international recognized technology company, which encourages and supports our constant evolution and growth.

We are always evaluating our strengths and areas of improvements, we take note that there were things we could and should do better having reached out to our customers, partners and employees, you talk we listened. There’s still some room for improvement but I can honestly say that today, SALUS is a very different, forward-thinking company than it was a few years ago.

One last question: what’s the catch behind the big discount on the WQ610RF?

There’s no catch. The WQ610RF is a state-of-the art room thermostat, perfect for any boiler-heated home. We wanted to offer our loyal and new installers of SALUS the opportunity to try and like this room thermostat and make it an attractive price for installers, homeowners and merchants to try.

Contact your local merchant and enquire about the SALUS WQ610RF Quantum room thermostat, you will not be disappointed in the price and performance, backed up with an industry leading 5-year warranty, what’s not to love about that.

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