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Empowering Youth: SALUS Controls Champions International Collaboration

At SALUS Controls UK and SALUS Controls Romania, we take immense pride in nurturing the potential of our youth. We are privileged to spearhead an event aimed at fostering cross-cultural connections throughout Europe while also providing invaluable opportunities for the personal growth of our young athletes.

In our commitment to supporting the next generation, we’re delighted to share a press release from the recipients of our sponsorship, highlighting the impact of our collaborative efforts.

Cluj Hosts Inaugural SALUS Cup: A Friendly Match with Cultural and Sporting Stakes

Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 28th March 2024: Viitorul Cluj Football Academy, in collaboration with Frickley Athletic Sports Academy from the United Kingdom, is hosting the first match of the SALUS Cup, a unique project that blends football with cultural exchange. The event is part of an annual international initiative aimed at connecting and bringing together various communities across Europe through the power of football.

The first of the friendly matches will be between the U16 teams of Viitorul Cluj and Frickley Athletic Academy and will take place on Wednesday, 3rd April, at 5:00 PM, at the Viitorul Sports Base in Gheorgheni, Cluj-Napoca. The event is free to attend and promises to deliver an exciting match with some rising young football players and a great atmosphere with support from Cluj comedian, Dragos Stan.

More Than Just a Match:

The SALUS Cup serves as a bridge between sporting communities in Europe. Youth teams from the UK will spend several days in Cluj-Napoca, exploring the local culture, visiting tourist attractions, training, and interacting with the families of Romanian players. Additionally, coaches and staff from both teams will participate in meetings aimed at facilitating training and sharing their experiences.

"Our counterparts at Frickley have told us that, for them, the match is not just a game for players and their families but an event for the entire community. Bringing the community together through the power of football is something we aspire to achieve for all our matches, which is why we decided to initiate this project."

"Behind the achievements of a young athlete lie many hours of hard work, surpassing personal limits, and adopting healthy values. These values shape them not only as footballers but also as adults and future respected members of the communities to which they belong. Therefore, we hope to encourage the people of Cluj to come to the match in large numbers, bring family and friends and enjoy the game. The SALUS Cup is a reminder of the importance of the values we promote for any community: teamwork, openness to new things, mutual support, sportsmanship, and supporting young people."

"Our players are excited to visit Romania and play against talented footballers. Additionally, our staff and their families are looking forward to the opportunity to learn from their Romanian counterparts. It is part of our sports club culture to care about the overall personal development of children, and this project represents an excellent opportunity to do that."

Expansion Ambitions:

Organisers aim for the cultural and sporting exchange to become an annual collaboration, involving teams from various age groups. With the support of current and future sponsors, the project aims to expand across Europe, including teams from Germany, Denmark, France, and Poland.

“The SALUS Cup initiative is supported by several sponsors who have helped us both financially and by facilitating international connections. With the help of SALUS Controls, we have reached out to Frickley Academy and plan to involve clubs and sports academies from other countries where the company operates. Both SALUS and the other sponsors have shown their support and dedication to the local community by choosing to support a small, fledgling initiative that can continue to grow, benefiting the entire community across many nations. We hope that with support, more will follow their example in investing in potential.”

We invite all members of the Cluj community, adults, young people, and children, to attend the match on April 3rd and support the players! It will be a unique opportunity to experience an exciting game of football, friendly rivalry, good team spirit and enthusiasm for the game, as highlighted by Zăvăleanu: 

"We're talking about young people at the beginning of their journey, both in their sporting career and in life, who can already be role models and sources of inspiration for us all”.

We look forward to welcoming you to the SALUS Cup!

For more information:

Andreea Codău, Communication Manager, Viitorul Cluj Football Academy;

Phone 0758977304; Email:

Sponsors of the inaugural SALUS Cup: SALUS Controls Romania & SALUS Controls UK; Eco Wizard (UK); Computime (Hong Kong); Lapușan & Partners (RO); Svennins (RO).

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